The Complete Method - Launching May 2021

Full body reflexology, TCM, traditional practices, self care and next level treatments + specialised guidance to bring it to the world.

12 months / 120 hours

For the first time this course will be shared in English to a global audience.

This training covers all the original DCZ® Advanced material and also includes exclusive additions, adaptions and a focus on personal integration as has become Amala's signature. Classes will include assistance and input from creator of the technique, Beatrice Moricoli

NB: to be fully certified as a "Reflexologist" students must complete an in-person practical exam and training within 3 years from completion of this preliminary online course. First dates expected in spring 2022.

See below for details on content and prices.

Course Breakdown

Monthly live lecture on first Monday of the month plus live Q&A

  • 1
    • Course Overview + Links
  • 2
    Operator Revision
    • Online Access
    • Live Q+A
  • 3
    TCM Theory
    • Yin and Yang
    • Internal + External Causes of Dis-ease
    • Elements Theory
    • Allergies and Intolerances
  • 4
    New Reflex Maps
    • Maps and Application
    • 12 Massages
  • 5
    First Aid
    • First Aid Procedure
    • Salompas + Vaccaria Seeds
  • 6
    Similar Form
    • The 8 Rules of DCZ®
    • World Examples
  • 7
    Finger Reflexology
    • Hand Maps
    • Application
  • 8
    Mudras and Moxa
    • Mudra Uses
    • Practical
  • 9
    • TCM Facial Diagnosis
    • Practice + Depth
  • 10
    TCM Additions
    • TCM 6 Levels
    • TCM Circadian Rhythm
  • 11
    Meridian Theory
    • Introduction to Meridians
    • Working with the Meridians
  • 12
    Traditional Homecare
    • Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Balms, etc
  • 13
    Vietnamese Full Body Massage
    • Full Body Reflex Maps
    • Practical
  • 14
    Cranial Reflexology
    • Origin + Theory
    • Practical
  • 15
    Beauty Massage
    • Introduction + Approach
    • Practice on Self
    • Practice on Volunteer
  • 16
    Presenting Workshops
    • Selling DCZ® without Selling Yourself
    • Assignment
  • 17
    Final Exam
    • Online Assessment

Time Commitment

Monthly: 4 hours theory (online) + 6 hours practical

Participants are invited to study online for approx 4 hours each month, apply self treatments for 3 hours min and work with receivers for 3 hours min (10 hours total study per month).

Live lectures will be presented on the first Monday of each month from 3-6pm GMT.

Live Q+A calls will be shared on the 3rd Monday of the month 3-4pm GMT.

Live rooms will be provided for practice and exchange once a month according to student availability.

NB live lessons will be recorded and available to view at your convenience. However we recommend joining at least 6 lectures in real-time for full benefit.

Sign Up is ONLY for certified DCZ® Operators

Early bird rate and payment plan (4 payments total) available until end of March. From April 1st: €7,500.

How to Book

Transfer your full or first payment by 31/03/2021 to the account details below

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