Like never before...

Full body reflexology, TCM, traditional practices, self care and next level treatments + specialised guidance to bring it to the world.

For the first time this course will be shared in English to a global audience. You can expect a large component to take place online, alongside an invitation to meet the group in person somewhere very beautiful.

This training covers all of the original DCZ® Advanced material and also includes exclusive additions, adaptions and a focus on personal integration as has become Helen's signature.

Successful participants will earn the title 'Multi-Reflexologist'. Full dates and details will be announced soon to existing Operators first.

Course Breakdown

This list indicates the basic course content:

1. TCM and Dien Chan Zone®

2. Physiognomy (intoduction to face reading)

3. Treating allergies 
& intolerances

4. The 100 schemes of BQC

5. The Law of Similar Form

6. Body multi-reflex maps

7. Vietnamese massage

8. DCZ® Beauty Massage

9. DCZ® Cranial Reflexoogy

10. Facial Reflexology for first aid

11. Body tools + balms

12. Gua Sha on the face + body

13. Vietnamese hand reflexology

14. Lymphatic drainage with Facial Reflexology 

15. Simplified massages

16. Introduction to the meridian system

17. Practical revision

18. Live group question and answer sessions

19. How to present approved workshops + presentations

20. Marketing advice + resources

21. Individualised guidance for your business and your life

and SO much more...